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Testimonials - Business Brokerage Incorporated

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Here is what some of our clients have to say about us…


At a difficult time for our family because of my husband’s health, David did an excellent job in finding qualified buyers for my husband’s CPA practice. He handled the negotiations and the practice was sold in a timely fashion. We could not have done this without David’s help. Maureen Carlisto.

Robert Carlisto, CPA,
Laguna Hills, CA &
Professor, CSUF


After getting a number of low offers, I listed my practice with Business Brokerage. The following Tuesday I had two full price offers from two qualified buyers. Both offers were double that of the best offer I found on my own.

Lynn Freer, EA,
Orange, CA


I was pleased at how you truly represented me with potential buyers. Your service was not simply pointing a finger at a potential buyer, you actually brought the potential buyers to my office and you helped me frame the sale so that it would be attractive. I was delighted with your work in preparing the actual contract. Your experience was invaluable in thinking of contract provisions that I would never have thought of. I was pleased to have multiple buyers to consider throughout the process.

Michael Klobas, EA,
Vacaville, CA


When I called David to ask about selling my CPA practice, I had no expectations of even being able to sell. He promised he could sell it in the two weeks I had before I left for a 1 month photography trip to Botswana and Namibia. I did not believe him, but signed the contract based on his confidence. David lined up 12 interviews for the next week and I had 14 offers to choose from at the end of that day. The hardest part was choosing which offer to accept! As my brother said, I got on that plane as a CPA and I deplaned as a nature and travel photographer. I will always be grateful to David for helping me to change my life.

Ann Howley, CPA,
Culver City, CA


When I needed to sell my practice quickly I was very concerned about the person who would take care of my clients. David, you alleviated my worries by finding a very qualified couple that had similar philosophies to mine. And we were able to close the deal timely enough to have a smooth transition into “tax season.” Thank you David for finding the right fit, especially for my clients.

Ursula Garrett, CPA,
Hemet, CA


Your expertise and experience were most beneficial in negotiating and closing the deal at full asking price. Both of the full price offers you brought were better than I had obtained during the 3 months I tried to market the practice myself.

Rob Kosters,
Norwalk, CA


“When I decided to sell my practice, I was concerned about finding a buyer who would take exceptionally good care of my clients and who had demonstrated excellence in managing a practice. Lee Ribolin took the time to meet with me personally, to understand my business, and what I wanted to accomplish. Lee quickly found several well-qualified buyers who met and even exceeded my expectations. Lee was exceptionally helpful at every point in the process from setting the terms of the sale, to negotiating with the buyer, and reviewing the details of the contract. Lee guided me through a process I had never gone through before, resulting in a very pleasant and successful transition.”

William Perez, EA,
San Francisco, CA


“I bought a CPA practice from David in 1995 and the transaction went very smoothly. When I was ready to retire in 2010 David brought me a dozen qualified buyers and I received 6 full price offers. David is the best in the business!”

Harry Duffield, CPA,
San Diego, CA


“I couldn’t believe that in 10 days, David got 10 firms interested at the beginning of tax season and 5 offers. His expertise in selling CPA practices makes both parties very comfortable. With a broker in the middle to educate both the buyer and the seller, and David’s well thought out contract, it made the transaction go smoothly, and it closed in 30 days. Thank you so much David!”

Amy Behrens, CPA,
Pasadena, CA


I have met with other Brokers in the area that sell accounting and tax practices and David Smith is head and shoulders above them. David’s experience and professionalism made the transaction go smoothly.

Ted Alvarez, CPA,
Torrance, CA


“When my husband and I made the decision to semi-retire and move to Arizona, selling our home was not too much a concern. The sale of my accounting practice would probably take many months and a great deal of time. Then we found Business Brokerage. David Smith had my frm listed and sold within 8 weeks. Their knowledge on how to structure a practice sale and the things I needed to be aware of were absolutely invaluable. I so appreciated their expertise. Business Brokerage is the only way to successfully sell an accounting practice…don’t try to sell on your own – use BBI.”

Emily A. Griffin, CPA,
Livermore, CA


“When it was time for us to retire a good friend recom- mended David and I am happy that she did! Our practice included significant estate and trust work and it was important to find someone with experience in that area. David came through on both accounts and we had multiple offers. He was there every step of the way with excellent advice and support.”

Christine Ducey, CPA,
Oceanside, CA


I needed professional representation due to health reasons. My son-in-law, a CPA, recommended you because of your advertising, and because he knew you were the best choice for marketing and selling my practice. He was right!

Frank Ovanin,
Crestline, CA


I interviewed other brokers before I decided on BBI. David had more expertise and experience than the others and brought me multiple full price offers. The agreement was signed less than 90 days after listing and I couldn’t be happier.

Morris Spector, CPA,
Encino, CA


Within 30 days you had at least 8 interviews. Shortly thereafter we had multiple offers. I did not believe you could bring me an acceptable buyer and close the transaction within 90 days of listing.

Michael Chesser, CPA,
Santa Monica, CA


I want to thank you for your professional expertise in selling my accounting practice. Within 7 to 10 days you had 10 firms interested. We received offers from 8 firms. Most were full price offers with larger down payments than listed.

Delbert Exeter, CPA,
Monrovia, CA


You definitely live up to your advertising claims. You orchestrated a strategy that provided me with over 9 offers. All were at or higher than my asking price. In fact, the winning offer had a down payment more than 40% higher than stated in the listing.

John O’Brien,
Scripps Ranch, CA


I had an on-going dispute with my ex-partner for over 2 years that the attorneys couldn’t settle. In about 30 minutes you were able to settle the dispute and get me an excellent offer which closed within one week.

Roy Faulkinbury, CPA,
Whittier, CA


I was very impressed with the professional and prompt manner in which you sold my practice. A quick sale and transition was a necessity as tax season was upon us, and I had accepted a position as CFO in the software industry.

Kenneth L. Myers,
Walnut Creek, CA


Business Brokerage did an excellent job for me. I was impressed with the way they put the sale together. I sold my practice for what I expected and was able to get the terms I required.

Donald E. Payne,
Monterey, CA


My wife, my two sons and I had a glorious three week vacation to Greece. We spent a few days in Athens enjoying the history, and visiting my wife’s relatives. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Rich Rechif, CPA,
Bonita, CA


My wife and I thank you so very much for all your help with the sale of our business.

Not only did you get a higher price than I anticipated, but you also managed to get the buyers to pay a higher down payment. You earned every penny of your commission.

Charles and Timmi Tinker
Sierra Madre, CA


During the final negotiations, there were several key points which required compromise and your skill at acting as mediator was important to the successful negotiating of the final deal.

Allen G. Farnum, EA,
Fremont, CA


David was sure we had a perfect match to take over our business. He facilitated all the details, of which I was not even aware. He exceeded my expectations and sold the business quickly.

Eleanor Zion, EA,
Vista, CA

A promise is apparently a promise where you are concerned! I signed the listing agreement with your company one week prior to flying to Guam on a house hunting trip. Your words upon leaving our office were “start packing your bags because by the time you get back, you’ll have appointments with at least seven interested, qualified buyers.” I wasn’t sure whether you were serious, but that is exactly what happened!

Sharon Ishizaki,
Thousand Oaks, CA


It was more difficult to sell my practice because I only sold a portion. Despite that difficulty, Craig was able to identify several qualified buyers, and I ended up with a terrific buyer that met all of my needs. I was referred to Craig by a CPA friend of mine who sold her practice with him a few years ago. She told me that Craig could get it done, and she sure was right about that.


Wouldn’t you like to be dealing from a Position of Strength? These clients got top dollar due to our time tested marketing strategy. You could too! Please call to discuss your situation and the marketability of your firm.