COVID-19 UPDATEBusiness Brokerage, Inc. is continuing to take the health and safety our clients, agents and employees very seriously. We quickly put in place necessary safety protocols which also enable us to conduct business successfully and "virtually", as needed. Our best-in-class technologies, adherence to safety requirements, combined with our highly-informed agents make us qualified and ready to serve your needs to sell or purchase a practice. Contact us for more information!

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David C. Smith
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Craig Van Laningham
Craig Van Laningham
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Why BBI - Business Brokerage Incorporated

Why use Business Brokerage, Inc.

  1. Our referrals show the whole name and city, not just first names and last initial. We encourage you to call and verify what we say and what they say about our service.
  2. We spend the money to mail out an ad for your practice to 100% of the potential buyers in your area. Our database contains 52,000 CPA’s, EA’s, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers.
  3. It is the norm that we get multiple buyers for our listings. This provides you with several key benefits:
    1. By having your choice of buyers, you can make sure that you get the right buyer for your clients, i.e., similar personality, ethics, knowledge, fee levels, etc.
    2. By having multiple buyers the price and/or down payment usually gets bid up to a higher level.
    3. No low-ball offers such as nothing down and an “earn out” over 5 years.
  4. We provide an extensive Prospectus for your practice. By doing this work up-front, this ensures that you get only good, qualified buyers that want exactly what you have for sale.
  5. We do everything, no extra Attorney or Escrow fees:
    • We analyze your practice and emphasize the Key Selling Points.
    • We write an ad for your practice emphasizing key elements.
    • We show your practice personally.
    • We negotiate the price and terms for you.
    • We prepare all of the paperwork: Buy/Sell Agreement, State filings, State searches, Credit Report (from all 3 agencies), etc.
    • We provide sample “Letters on Introduction” to comply with the California Privacy Act.
  6. Buyers are risk averse: they are more than willing to pay top dollar as long and they get what they pay for. We make sure of that.