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Buying a Practice - Business Brokerage Incorporated

What’s so special about buying an Accounting or Tax Practice?

It is our belief that the ownership of an accounting and/or tax practice is the single-most beneficial approach to increasing your standard of living by increasing your personal income, building an estate, and sheltering income from taxes.

Since 1973 our firm has been involved in acquisitions, sales and mergers of business opportunities and accounting and tax practices (hereinafter referred to as “practice(s)”). When considering the purchase of a practice, consider the benefits listed below. As you consider these benefits, compare them to employment opportunities, tax shelters, stocks, bonds, real estate deals, cattle, oil and gas deals, equipment leasing, or any other investment opportunities available to you today. I don’t think you can surpass this package of benefits:

  • Tax Shelter. All of the purchase price can be depreciated and amortized to shelter income.
  • Limited Purchasing Power Risk. A practice is a good hedge against inflation since rising costs can usually be passed on to the consumer.
  • High Growth Potential. With a steadily increasing population (especially in California) the need for accountants and tax preparers has been increasing and practice owners have reaped handsome rewards.
  • High Liquidity. Through massive advertising in Professional Journals, Trade Journals, and other publications, and extensive direct mail coverage, Business Brokerage, Inc. (BBI) has developed an extensive file of prospective buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy good tax and accounting practices of all sizes and complexity and in all areas.
  • Good Leverage. BBI has arranged a low down payment with terms on almost every practice we have sold (over 1,400 since 1983 worth over $210,000,000).
  • Seller Financing. Almost without exception, we have been able to arrange seller financing on our deals at very competitive interest rates.
  • High Return on Investment. We can usually arrange terms so that most practices pay for themselves in 2-4 years due to their high profitability.
  • Total Control. In purchasing your own practice, you are in control of your investment rather than subject to the whims of your employer, the Real Estate Developer, the General Partner, Stock Market Psychology, etc.
  • Instant Cash Flow. In the purchase of an on-going practice, you have cash flow immediately; no 3-5 year payoff to wait and hope for.
  • True Synergism. By combining the expenses of your present practice with those of the acquired practice, you can reduce salaries, rent, computer fees, library, utilities, office equipment, etc.
  • Known Profit. In acquiring a profitable practice, you can forecast a profit from day one, no waiting for—if the oil well strikes; if rents go up; if the stock splits or increases dividends; if the cattle don’t die; if mortgage rates decline….
  • BBI Provides the Buy/Sell Agreement. Included in our fee (paid by seller) are all of the documents, filings, agreements, etc. This alone will save both parties thousands of dollars.

To access detailed reports on practices for sale and to insure that you receive news about the most current listings available, please be sure to register with us or update your client record, if needed.

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Please call Lee Ribolin, Broker at 800-274-4272 (No. California) or Craig Van Laningham, Agent at 800-274-4272 (So. California) to discuss current listings or to schedule a meeting with the seller of a practice. We will answer any questions you may have about buying a practice.